About Working in Australia

Want more opportunities, qualification, quality of life, safety, culture, and a good dose of adventure? Then Australia is your destination!

Why Work in Australia?

Australia is a fantastic place to work and live, here you will have the opportunity to develop your career and still live in a first world country with the quality of life you deserve.

Strong Economy

With a strong and stable economy, Australia maintains one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. That is, you find many opportunities here.

International experience

If speaking English is already a differential for professional growth, having a work experience in another country will also differentiate you in the market.

Quality of life

With a stress-free lifestyle, which favors well-being, living with nature, playing sports and the quality of public services make Australia a country with excellent quality of life rates.

Live an Adventure

Having the possibility to visit a country full of natural beauty is an invitation to live fantastic adventures. In Australia, you can have a unique experience every day.

Australian job registration documents

Everyone who holds an Australian student visa in their passport is already automatically allowed to work in Australia.

However, for you to work, companies will request the TFN- Tax File Number, it is a tariff file number, to be able to register and collect taxes from employees.

ABN – Australian Business Number

Another document for working in Australia is the ABN – Australian Business Number. It is a registration number that authorizes the student to work and legally charge for his services.

To apply for ABN, you need to describe the characteristics of the work to be performed. This is necessary to identify the applied pricing.

Types of Work in Australia

One of Australia’s biggest highlights in attracting international students is the possibility to work legally in the country during the chosen course period.

The study visa in Australia allows the student to work with a workload of up to 40hrs biweekly. And one of the conditions is that the student does not miss work, there is a strict control of the school’s attendance list with immigration, the student is allowed to work for up to 40hrs fortnightly, but he cannot be absent during the period of classes.

After the end, the visa extends for a month and these “vacations” allow the student to work without limit of weekly hours.

There are three different types of employment contract in Australia and the remuneration in all options uses the same payment system for hours worked, they are:

Part-time Job

These are job vacancies most sought by students who meet the 40-hour limit requirement every two weeks and have no interference with the class schedule and the hours are fixed, not exceeding four hours of work per day.

The most common jobs in this category are: Hospitality: Involves work in hotels, restaurants, cafes and some even events, Office Cleaner: office and house cleaning service and Construction Cleaner: site cleaning.

Work visa

These are the most common types of jobs used worldwide and require full hours of up to 40 hours per week. These are not types of work that are easily obtained by students precisely because of the visa limitation issue. The majority that got this type of job, got it through a letter of Sponsorship from the company. This request from the company is given through a letter which shows that the company needs a specific workforce and is responsible for the person within the country.


This type of casual work is very interesting because it has no fixed schedule and does not require as a daily commitment, they are like freelance jobs.

Companies that choose to use this type of service have a register of employees, with whom they contact when they need specific labor

Some job profiles that operate in this system are: Catering, which is a professional service used to serve food and drink, generally used by companies that work for events of all kinds.

To work as casual, you need to sign up with one of the agencies that operate with this type of service, saying what you are willing to do and wait to be called.

Why Choose Think Australia?

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