Who we are

Experience and Support

We have a team specialized in assisting and giving full support, specialized consultants.
We provide support and assistance online in Brazil and in New Zealand and Australia.

Our students can count on our 24/7 support

  • Brazil – Curitiba and São Paulo
  • New Zealand – Auckland
  • Australia – Sydney and Brisbane

Our Structure

We are located in New Zealand’s commercial and financial center, Auckland, where we have a complete infrastructure to receive our customers and give full time support here in New Zealand.

And we are also located in Curitiba, Brazil and in partnership with Stay Global in Australia, in the city of Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

In addition, we have Educational Consultants in São Paulo and Curitiba, who are able to meet the needs of our clients who are still in Brazil.
Our process is fast and personalized and with targeted service.
We play with the time zone of the countries we are present in so we always say that we are 15 hours ahead. And as soon as we work “15 hours ahead” We are Think !!

Why Choose Think Australia?

Think Australia is with you at all times. Whether in the first steps, whether staying or renewing your visa, it helps you with essential tips and guidelines so that your plans and dreams are experienced with all assertiveness and security. Live your dream and always count on Think Australia!


At Think Australia you receive full assistance in obtaining a visa (student) for Australia.