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Before embarking on the trip of your dreams, it is very important to know what type of visa you will need to apply for in order to achieve your final objective, be it: to do tourism, study, work or live permanently in the country. For each case, there is a different process and necessary documentation.

Australia has several types of visas, one of which will be ideal for you. Our company has a partnership with Immigration Adviser in Australia and with Dispatcher in Brazil, making your process to be carried out in a professional and safe way.


The student visa with permission to work is only granted through courses lasting 12 weeks or more.

Course options that allow study and work visas vary from English courses, basic to advanced, technical courses, undergraduate and graduate courses in general. This visa allows the guarantee of staying in Australia for the duration of the course, and it is possible to work 40hrs biweekly.

Generally, the Australian embassy grants 1 month more vacation after the end of the course, the vacation period is possible to work full time.

There is the possibility of extending this student visa, it will be necessary to enroll in a new course and request the visa renewal application, all applications are made online, both for the student visa application and for the renewal. If the student chooses to exchange the student visa for tourism at the end of the course, after the tourism period he cannot return to the student visa, he will have to leave the country to be able to apply for a new study visa, on the contrary if he is student for renewal, can wait within the country.

The above information is subject to change.

See Australia’s immigration website –


The tourist visa allows the entry of people who travel for tourism, holidays, visits from friends or family.

The visa and tourism are for 3 months initially at the entrance of the country, but can be renewed for a longer period of 3 in 3 months, totaling up to 1 year of stay in the country as a tourist.

Currently, the application for the Tourist Visa is made online, and in general the only necessary document for this visa is the passport.

The immigration agent, however, may, during the process, request additional documentation.

The above information is subject to change.

See Australia’s immigration website –

Work Visa

Work visa, consult your agent for the best option.

See Australia’s immigration website –

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