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Think Australia will provide your accommodation with complete security, we advise you at all times of closing the accommodation that best suits the student.

See the accommodation possibilities below:


Honestay is one of the accommodation options that the exchange student will be staying at the home of a family who lives in the city where you are going to study. The benefit of living in a homestay is to improve your learning more quickly and learn more about Australian culture.


Airbnb is a search and booking platform between the person offering the accommodation and the tourist looking for a rental, within AIRBNB there are several rental options such as single, shared and even home.

Share Accomodation

Share Accommodation is one of the most common forms among international students, most of the reasons for the value that tends to be more affordable, but one must be very attentive to all details before renting an apartment or shared room.


Hostel is a type of accommodation characterized by the inviting prices and the socialization of the guests, where each guest can rent a bed or bunk bed, in a shared dormitory, with bathroom, laundry and sometimes kitchen. Rooms can be mixed between sexes, as shared between them, also including private rooms.


At Think Australia you receive full assistance in obtaining a visa (student) for Australia.

Think Australia Welcome Pack and Special Support

Our students received an ego bag kit from Think Australia and all support and guidance before, during and after the exchange.

Why Choose Think Australia?

Think Australia is with you at all times. Whether in the first steps, whether staying or renewing your visa, it helps you with essential tips and guidelines so that your plans and dreams are experienced with all assertiveness and security. Live your dream and always count on Think Australia!