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Your level of English can be basic, intermediate or advanced, Think Australia will find a course that meets all your needs.

We work with the main schools of general English courses, technical courses and also major universities.

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IELTS is the acronym for International English Language Test System. It is an international and official English proficiency exam.


It is an internationally known English proficiency exam and certification.


The EAP course, English for academic purposes, helps international students to improve their English language communication skills and strategies necessary for technical courses or university courses (undergraduate, graduate or doctorate).


The Test of English as a Foreign Language or Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam that aims to assess the individual's potential to speak and understand English at the academic level.


Vocational Education and Training is a type of course that prepares students for jobs that do not involve a university degree. These courses generally last two years.

University - Bachelor, Postgraduate, Master and Doctorate

Throughout the country, there are more than 40 universities, only two of which are private. And among them 17 are among the 100 best in the world. This represents 42% of the country’s total. Australia is a great place to graduate. Most of these universities are maintained by the government and monitored by independent agencies that carry out audits to maintain the quality of teaching. Higher education in Australia is paid for, even in public institutions, and even Australian students pay.

The academic curriculum of the course is very similar to that of Brazil, starting in February and July and lasting three to six years, depending on the chosen area. The selection process is carried out through the student’s curriculum analysis and English level, since there is no entrance exam. TOEFL or IETLS – English language proficiency tests are required.

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General English (Inglês geral)

Business English (Inglês para Negócios)


EAP "English For Academic Porpuses" (Inglês para Propósitos Acadêmicos)

VET "Vocational Educational Training" (Curso Técnico Vocacional)

Certificate II, III e IV

General English

Business English


EAP "English For Academic Porpuses"

VET "Vocational Educational Training"

Certificate II, III e IV