Yes. The Australian government offers free public health to its residents. And to cover any emergency costs for international students in case of need, they require the student to have the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), which is health insurance for the duration of the visa. Without this service, the student cannot even apply for a visa.

Schools in Australia have a classification by the immigration department that determines, schools level 1, 2 and 3, with the best being those of level 1, and those of 3 evaluated at low level. If you choose a level 3 school it does not mean that your visa will be denied, but you will have to present more complete and detailed documentation to prove that you are a genuine student, that you have good ties with Brazil, that you are financially able to pay for the entire exchange period in the country and that the course you are going to make makes sense for your academic and / or professional curriculum.

If you take into account the student’s choice for a level 1 school, she is well regarded by the immigration department in the sense of considering a legitimate student for choosing a better quality school and seeing that you really want to invest in your education during the exchange process.

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide e Gold Coast.

The course options offered to international students at Think Australia’s partner educational institutions are:

English courses, there are several options offered, such as:

General English (English for general use), Preparations for English proficiency tests (IELTS, Cambridge, PTE, TOEFL, TOEIC),) English for Business (English for business) English for Academic Purposes – EAP (English for academic purposes, among others.

Technical and Vocational Courses
These courses aim to teach students practical skills to help them enter the local job market more quickly. There is a wide variety of vocational courses in the most diverse areas such as information technology, administration, business, gastronomy, tourism, design, among others.

Higher Education Courses

Higher education courses range from undergraduate (baccalaureate) in the most diverse areas, through master’s, doctorate, to post-doctorate. Generally, these courses have a higher cost when compared to technical / vocational courses.

The sooner you start planning your exchange, the better you will be prepared. Think AUSTRALIA will guide you to start planning your exchange at least three months before the date you want to embark. This is the minimum time necessary to carry out the entire process and organization with peace of mind.

It is important to note that the deadline requested by the Australian Embassy for approval of the study visa is up to 45 days after the delivery of all required documentation.

If you have suggestions for important questions and doubts, please contact us, we are open to always be evolving together with the doubts and giving you all the support.

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