Where to live in Australia

Australia is a continental country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its main cities, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, are coastal. The country is known for the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, the vast inland desert called Outback and unique animal species such as kangaroos and platypuses. See below for the location of the main cities in Australia.

Main Cities to Exchange in Australia


It is a young and modern city, in recent years it has been one of the cities in Australia with the highest rate of population and economic growth. Surrounded by beautiful natural beauty.


It is a city that has all its structure reconciled with a large urban center and beaches, an intense nightlife. If you go to Sidney already know that it is a mixture of ethnicities that live in harmony. Its territory is huge and ideal if you like big urban centers of the first world.


It is a young and modern city, in recent years it has been one of the cities in Australia with the highest rate of population and economic growth. Surrounded by beautiful natural beauty.


It is a very safe city, with a high level of cultural, economic and social development, the city is crossed by the Brisbane River, has a very effective and efficient public transport system.

Gold Coast

It is one of the most populous cities in the state of Queensland, the coast is home to paradisiacal beaches and is considered one of the most sought after destinations by tourists, crystal clear waters, pleasant and stable climate.


This city is the capital of the state of South Australia, one of the first places in the world that allowed women to vote in parliament. The city was chosen and designed with the intention of being the capital of the British Crown province. There are large squares, boulevards, parks and public squares.

Adelaide has always offered great freedom with respect to religion, commitments to political progress and social freedom.

Byron Bay

This city is approximately an hour’s drive south of Queensland.

It has a population of 20 thousand inhabitants and preserves a hippie atmosphere from the 70s. It is a mandatory stopping point for surfers, artists, painters, sculptors, naturalists, artisans, intellectuals and tourists.


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, or “Tassie” as it is affectionately called, an island in southern Australia. Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city, just after Sydney. It is a place that combines the dynamism and modernity of a city with a colonial richness surrounded by natural beauty and the purest air in the world!
Tasmania is known for its incredible local food production, especially seafood, and the city has one of the best cuisines in the country.

Sunshine Coast/Noosa

Located north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast (Costa Brilho do Sol) and its region does not have this name by chance. There are 60 km of white sand beaches, which stretch across a wonderfully beautiful region, full of national parks and lakes. The lifestyle of this piece of Australia is different from the main cities in the country. Sunshine Coast has a permanent vacation rhythm. The region is made up of several small towns separated from each other by a few kilometers away. Noosa County is a local government area about 130 kilometers north of Brisbane, in the Sunshine Coast district of southeastern Queensland, Australia. The county covers an area of 870 square kilometers.


Cairns was officially founded in 1876 as a border village in support of the gold rush. Its name is due to that of the State Governor of that time, Sir William Cairns. The region of the current city was a sandy bank surrounded by dense tropical forests and mangroves. Despite being a very inappropriate region to be populated, it was chosen as the starting point for a railway line that would connect the North with the South. In 1984, the airport was opened and together the great tourism boom started, transforming Cairns into a prosperous city of today.


Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia and a former border post. It is also the gateway to the huge Kakadu National Park. Its popular coastal strip has several beaches and green areas, such as Bicentennial Park. Also close to the sea is the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, which displays art from Southeast Asia and the Pacific, as well as a pearl lug and other sea vessels.

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