About Think Australia

Think Australia started with its own experience of leaving Brazil to live abroad. Like many people, we also dreamed of visiting, studying and living abroad. During this journey, we learned that to make dreams come true, we need to adapt projects to reality, through study and planning. However, we have never had adequate support and professional guidance to help us change and fulfill our dream. Alone, we discovered and unveiled a new world in front of us without support, especially in times of doubts and difficulties that made us spend more time and money.

Adding more than 20 years of luggage abroad, we joined together in order to offer the necessary information and all support for you to go to Australia.

Thus, Think Australia was born, we are specialized in the area of ​​international education, focused on Australia which is in the ranking among the best in international education, we work with several options for those who want to do English, postgraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees in the best schools and universities , having programs that include study and work permits and mainly for those who wish to make Australia their new home.

Know more about our company and choose your destination and travel with the best company that offers the best support.

We are Think New


Contribute to the growth and development of people values for life.

Vision and Values

To be recognized as the best company in the area of international education with values and ethical principles, committed to delivering values to our customers.

Why Choose Think Australia?

Think Australia is with you at all times. Whether in the first steps, whether staying or renewing your visa, it helps you with essential tips and guidelines so that your plans and dreams are experienced with all assertiveness and security. Live your dream and always count on Think Australia!